So every natural will know that when it comes to mornings “proper planning prevents poor performance”. My advice to you is to develop a quick night routine for your hair because, after all, it deserves just as much attention. My night routine is quite simple and with the Ezami Hair Butter it literally takes me 10 minutes max to complete, so here it goes:

  • Section the hair into as many small sections as your hair length allows (use your fingers to section)
  • Start from the back and twist each section using a dab of the hair butter
  • Remember the twists don’t have to be the neatest, you’re going to bed after all
  • Use a satin bonnet to cover your head to seal in the moisture and you’re ready for bed


The next morning:

  • Get ready and do your hair last
  • Undo your twists and apply hair butter
  • Use your fingers/ comb to detangle
  • Leave hair in a twist out style/comb

P.S You’ll notice over time that you’ll be able to thicker and less twists (yaaay growth!)